Strength and Conditioning Training in Brooklyn, New York

Become the athlete you've always wanted to be with personal training from John Henry Fitness. John Henry provides strength and conditioning training for general fitness and to help you train for athletic events including marathons. Contact him in Brooklyn, New York, for details.

Strength and Conditioning

John Henry's fitness programs revolve around building a strong foundation before moving you to higher phases of training. He helps you work through aerobics, calisthenics, and stability training, then transforms you with weight training and plyometrics, bringing you to your athletic peak. His rate is $150 per 1-hour session.

Improved Running

To make you a better runner, John Henry starts with the fundamentals. If necessary, you'll start with brisk walking, building into long, slow-distance running. After that, you move to anaerobic training, hill training, and sprinting. Training is available both in the gym and on the roads, based upon your requests. John charges $150 for 1 hour.

Woman Running

Cycling Training

Learn how to spin with the best with the help of John Henry Fitness. John Henry's cycling training works the same way as his running training, building up your basic endurance before increase your power and speed. Your hour-long session is $150.

Call John Henry at (855) 883-2614 to learn more about his strength and conditioning training.